We are now the West Coast USA service provider and distributor of the Emesent Hovermap System and White Industrial Seismology vibration monitoring equipments.


We are now the West Coast USA Service provider and distributor of the Emesent Hovermap. Hovermap is the first drone payload of its kind, using LiDAR to provide both mapping and autonomy functions. It allows drones to fly autonomously even in GPS-denied environments to collect valuable data that was not previously possible. This provides a step change in the data collection possibilities for Mining, Energy, Construction, Asset Management and many more.

White Industrial Seismology, Inc. is a world leader in vibration monitoring equipment, software and services.  White seismographs are unmatched in their ruggedness, reliability and value. White Industrial Seismology, Inc. is proud to provide high quality, accurate, and reliable vibration monitoring equipment.

Skypersonic mission is to provide leading edge drone technology for critical infrastructure inspections while reducing personnel risk and time. Safely inspect inaccessible and difficult environments with the Skycopter Cobra.