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EMESENT Hovermap

A smart mobile scanning unit which mounts to drones to provide autonomous mapping in challenging inaccessible areas.

Equally capable above ground or underground, indoors or out, Hovermap is your complete mobile LiDAR mapping solution.

Put an end to hazardous inspections and surveys by substituting a person with a drone in high risk environments and gain unprecedented analytical insights for all your mining decision making.

Based on more than 10  years of research at CSIRO and proven commercial track record, Hovermap has mapped over 120 stopes around the world.

A versatile and easy to use system, Hovermap is also suitable for walking or vehicle mounted mapping.


Drones usually rely on GPS for localisation, navigation and flight control. Hovermap uses LiDAR data and advanced algorithms on-board in real-time to provide reliable and accurate localisation and navigation without the need for GPS.


This allows drones to fly autonomously in GPS-denied environments, enabling a host of new applications such as flying and mapping in underground mines, inside warehouses or inspecting underneath bridges. 


Hovermap's 360 degree Virtual Ellipsoidal Shield technology provides industrial-grade collision detection and avoidance capabilities that can keep drones safe during all phases of flight, in any environment (underground, indoor and outdoor), day or night.

The system acts as a virtual safety bubble around the drone to prevent collisions. LiDAR data is processed on-board in real-time to produce a local 3D map of surroundings.

Obstacles such as telecom towers, fences, trees, poles, wires and people can all be detected and avoided.


World leading Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (Slam) allows mobile mapping even when GPS is unavailable.

 Hovermap HF1

Optimized for underground and vertical asset inspection

 Hovermap VF1

Optimized for mapping horizontal assets and open areas.

Autonomy Level 2 for Hovermap

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