We've worked with various clients on projects including dams, levees,  highways, manufacturing, AEC, and emergency response and support, involving critical infrastructure throughout the US. Our work ranges from blasting consulting to drone data capturing. We deliver to our client the best service and end products to their needs. What is your challenge?


  • "We set a new record yesterday for our mapping team. Three drone operators covered the site yesterday on mapping missions and collected over 4000 images. This preliminary image was auto processed overnight as one mosaic in 7.5 hours on one computer. This is an exceptional accomplishment and is the result of extraordinary effort by a very high end team of surveyors, drone operators, photogrammetrists and IT professionals. Congratulations and thank you to the team."

  • "I have worked directly with Eric Bennett at several very challenging close-in blasting projects in the Pacific Northwest. At the Tri-Met Light Rail project in Oregon, Eric provided very good technical support for surface and underground blasting operations occurring very close to many urban structures. Eric has very good training and experience and I would recommend him for work involving the execution or oversight of blasting work.".



  • "In early 2011 Eric and I both worked on the Seymour Capilano Twin Tunnels a utility water project located in Vancouver BC Canada. During that time Eric displayed a great range of tunnel inspection experience during difficult underground construction on the very complex tunnel project. He brought a high level of "expertize" during drilling and blasting operations to the project team of inspectors by accurately documenting underground construction methods, reviewing engineering design plans, and providing professional explosive consultation to senior engineering staff. This was conducted while setting of explosives for blasting in the hard rock tunnel. I enjoyed working with Eric on this very long and difficult project which concluded for us in approximately 2.5 years covering night and day 12 hour shifts of 24 hours per day. His happy upbeat attitude and a great sense of personal safety were always well received by the mining personal working on the project. In my opinion Eric presented a great sense of integrity and professionalism while inspecting on the project. In conclusion I would highly recommend Eric as a Tunnel Inspector and Blasting Professional First Class"


  • "Eric is an excellent person to work with. Punctual, prepared and a very good "leader". Eric takes direction easily and is excellent at leading others through his timely and effective communications. When thinking of Eric, a lot of 'cliched' terms come to mind, summed up, he is a good man, who gets the job done with a minimum of hassle."


  • "Eric was an excellent inspector during the time that I worked with him on the Lake Mead Intake No.3 project. There were many significant challenges during the construction. I would highly recommend Eric for future underground projects."


  • "Eric and I worked on two construction projects that included difficult access conditions and challenging site characteristics. Both projects included drilling from rope rappel to install ground anchors for rockfall mitigation systems. Eric, as drilling superintendent, was responsible for the safe and proper installation of the anchors and all supporting cables for the system. Excellent attitude and attention to detail. I would not hesitate to hire Eric again if given the opportunity."


  • "My work experienced with Eric allows me to comment the following: Eric is dedicated to success and is thorough in his approach to the change process. In my association with Eric in the explosives field serving the mining industry, we introduced a new bulk underground system to include not only the explosives product, but the complete delivery system. Technically, this was challenging and complicated. It also required a team approach to achieve success! Eric has very good interpersonal skills, and communication skills resulting in his achieving great respect from the customer(s). His knowledge and capabilities in the field application of explosives were crucial through the trial period and the resulting introduction of the Underground Bulk System Technology (UBST) project a success. I trust Eric to be a dedicated employee, and a substantial contributor to any employer that would allow him the opportunity."


  • "Eric, as an Atlas Explosives representative, advised us regarding a unique blasting round tapping a tunnel plug into an existing lake. His support helped this particular piece of work go well and we appreciated his efforts."


  • "I work with Eric for almost three years in the QA/QC Department as friend and colleague. He is hard worker with well communication skill. He is able to quickly solve problems and produce outstanding results on this difficult project. I really enjoyed to work with him and wish someday in some other project can be work with him again. Eric will make a great employee to any company and will make positive potential value for any company."


  • "I had the pleasure of working with Eric on a very challenging heavy civil works project. Eric is a team player that has pride in his work and shows an attention to details. He enthusiastically contributed to the project and made useful recommendations to improve the efficiency and quality of the works. I would recommend Eric as a field inspector for any major construction works project."


  • "Eric has been a positive force in every project in which I've worked with him. He's optimistic, energetic, driven, and talented."